Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CPP Disability benefits- phone recordings prove claimant right

March 4, 2014

Via Facsimile: 1-855-814-4117

Social Security Tribunal
Attention: General Division (IS)
Ottawa ON K1G 6S3

Re: CPP Disability benefits
      Client Identification Number February 5, 2014 – xxxxxx
       SIN #xxxxxxxxx

Dear Social Security Tribunal:

I acknowledge receipt of a decision by Service Canada dated February 5, 2014 denying my CPP Disability benefits. Please accept this letter as my formal appeal to that decision.

L. Cuthbert Benefits officer - Service Canada letter of February 5, 2014 fail to provide any valid reasons for denial of CPP Disability benefits.
L. Cuthbert, Benefits Officer - Service Canada says in her/his denial letter the following:
 -“the medical documentation we received on January 21, 2014 that you sent”.
-“A reconsideration decision letter was sent to you on January 15, 2014.
-“cannot make another decision or review this additional information”.

In other words we did not get this medical information in time, you can't use it.

The phone messages below were left by Service Canada on our answering machine. The file dates of the original recordings are December 4, 2013 (the date I got around to recording them off our answering machine), and proves that Service Canada did receive my medical documentation, and it was not when they are claiming.

RECORDING 1 -Service Canada can be listened to at the following web address:


RECORDING 2 -Service Canada can be listened to at the following web address:


The above recordings can be found at the following link:

The screenshot below shows the file properties of the recordings creation date is December 4, 2013, further proving the date of the recorded phone message left by Service Canada

The date that L. Cuthbert, Service Canada Benefits Officer is using is her/his denial letter of February 5, 2014 is fictional, as proved by Service Canada phone messages above and the fax log attached below.


The additional 20 page medical information was sent on November 4, 2013 as seen in the fax log above. Service Canada verified this information in their recorded phone messages above. As you can see and hear Service Canada had my additional medical information before making the decisions dated January 15, 2014 and February 5, 2013. To be clear Service Canada did not receive these documents “on January 21, 2014” as I have proved herein.
It is ridiculous that a crash victim should have to prove the date medical documents are sent to support an application, and be made to file an appeal to have them accepted and reviewed.

I kindly ask that the Social Security Tribunal put an end to this obvious vendetta against my claim for CPP Disability Benefit as soon as possible, investigate the credibility of Service Canada reports being admitted for their truth, and review the additional medical documents that were sent to Service Canada 4 months ago.

Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Mr. xxxxx

Attach: February 5, 2013 -denial letter
             Appeal forms completed

Cc: http://survivingacollision.blogspot.ca/
Cc: list removed at this time

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