Friday, June 27, 2014

Should blogging be a reason for denial of benefits?

Dear Social Security Tribunal:

I have been pondering about your idea -that because i can blog about my claim, email, and fax letters, it is going to be assumed that I can work doing these things.

If I could, I would, is there such a job for me?
Lol my resume can also include that I can Facebook and Twitter.

Seriously, and most importantly should blogging be a reason for denial of benefits?

As you know after the fatal crash I have acquired a gift of writing. It may take days or even weeks for me to write as I mix up letters of the alphabet because of the crash. In my medical-legal-insurance case file you will find these results during medical testing. This writing obsession gives me a avenue to release my frustrations with the unfair, one sided, corrupt, insurance systems. It has been my only justice since the fatal crash -when an 18 year old slammed into me with his head-on with his car at 102km per hour, with the airbag going off in the side of my head, rolling 8 times, hitting a tree, and trapped upside down in the twisted wreck.

Regarding comments made in their denial letter by Service Canada about a laptop I have the following:
The Medical rehabilitation testing that I went threw suggested that I be trained and provided a laptop computer. My insurer concurred. These things are in my medical-legal-insurance case file and were provided to you (free of charge). Both training and the laptop were never provided. Service Canada has used the laptop for an excuse to justify denial of benefits. It is unwarranted. As you know by my previous writing similarly I was also not provided with a tractor. Service Canada it seems can just say what ever the hell they want to in their denial letters.

When I enquired about the laptop and training that was granted by my insurer I was told “you snooze you loose”. I was dismayed by what I was told, another words fuckyou. But they did provide there preferred wordhirlings almost $100,000 to write bogus paper trails for their agenda of not paying benefits.
I have been made to suffer with the abuses of the insurance world for 7 years now without losing my family or the stress killing me. 7 years of denials, interrogations, surveillance, doctors, and lawyers. 7 years of intentional deceptive acts by the insurance world. 7 years of this shit. Wouldn’t you be kinda pissed off too, and want to fix things?

I understand the consequences of going public and that I may not ever be granted CPP Disability Benefits because I pissed you off. But there is more at stake here. Familys are living in financial hell. A lot of people like myself that have been made to live this way by these unjust denials by the insurance systems.

10,000 cases of appeals at the Social Security Tribunal in limbo! Please know that I do understand the concept of people creating there own work to keep them in a job. But all these backlogs by FSCO and the Social Security Tribunal, for years, unjust denials against sick and injured victims, really? What does that say as a society that the most vulnerable in our society are being treated in this manner? Is there no shame in what your office is doing? Victims are losing everything because of these denial processes. Who is running this nut house you call the Social Security Tribunal?

For your viewing I have included a link to my new blog SSTRC.
I called it “ The Social Security Tribunal Research Centre” it is dedicated to providing information to the public about your office. It can be found at .

At this point you may be wondering about my confrontational position since we spoke on the phone.
To clarify, I stumbled upon a blog called CPP Disability Claims Advocate located at It is very informative . To put it mildly it showed me that you have not been forthcoming. Do you have anything to tell me after you read this blog of Social Security Tribunal horrors?

This claims process should not be debilitating to injured victims, I have enough problems with injurys I sustained in the crash that was not my fault, can you really blame me for becoming an advocate for change? I will re-establish communications with media sources and establish communications with new media sources. I will write, blog, publish, fax, email, and further piss you off. Sorry - I think you are an ok person in a bad situation (less the $91,800 - $231,500 a year salary you receive).

In accordance with the Access to Information and Privacy Act, applicants have the right to formally request a copy of their CPP Disability file, including the medical reports and supporting documents.


I FORMALLY REQUEST a PRE-HEARING prior to a Ministerial Enquiry.

I kindly ask you to please not allow Service Canada to continue treating my claim for benefit maliciously. Have they still not sent my file to you? Please poll them for their intentions and expedite this scripted fiasco. My list of important documents should be everything that I have sent you so far, including faxes and emails. I still require your office to acknowledge receipt. Everything I sent you is relevant.

You have enough medical evidence I sent you to make a reasonable decision in my claim and anyone with any common sense just looking at the newspaper articles and crash pictures should give you some inclination as to how fatal the crash was that caused my disabilitys. Service Canada refused to look or acknowledge the newspaper articles and crash pictures I sent them, and your office has done the same. What kind of investigation is it not to even look at the pictures of the crash that cause my disabilitys?

Please put an end to these bullshit denials I am bitter, fedup, pissed off, and now feel that my claim is hopeless. Does this government want all the disabled on welfare? Evidence so far suggests that it wont matter if I stop advocating right now anyway, it won't change what is going to happen to my claim at the end of the day. But I will get louder and louder the longer this takes in hopes that someone fix this process for the victims. We deserve better than victim abuse limbo and financial hardship.

I feel that I survived the crash and have been given this gift of writing for a reason. That reason is to expose my journey threw the insurance system and go public with my findings. Perhaps My writing can help others to endure the abuses of the insurance systems for we are the people that pay into these mandatory systems for many decades and deserve to be acknowledged, helped, and properly without delay given the tools to try to recover as best we can.

Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard as soon as possible. Thank you.

Mr. xxxx xxxxxx

Crash Victim 2007 -
Insurance Victim – 2014

Cc: undisclosed

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