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7 years Victimized by the Insurance World

My first application for disability benefits was submitted to Service Canada in 2008 - one year after the crash. It was denied. Like so many I have been made to appeal. There are an estimated 10,000 appeals waiting to be heard at the Social Security Tribunal from injured disabled people. This is violation against humanity.
In 2007 I was hit head on by an 18 year old speeding and passing on a blind hill, solid double line, coming at me “at 102 km/hr at the end of his skid”. After he took off the front wheel of the car I was driving, the car rolled 8 times, and then hit a tree.

To protect my face I had my head sideways in the steering wheel at the time of impact and the airbag detonated on the side of my head at a force 2/3s more powerful than that of today cars.

I was trapped upside down in the wreck. Permanently injured was my neck, spine, nerves, etc.. http://survivingacollision.blogspot.ca/2014/04/surviving-collision-full-story.html

You may be wondering at this point, how can I create this blog? At the time of this edit it is 3:31am. I have been writing this for months. I can't sleep because of the pain in my neck, back, head, etc.. I can't sleep because I can't stop grinding my teeth, and jaw pain, because I can't stop thinking about the crash, the insurance, the lawyers, the doctors, the therapists, the unjust Service Canada denials and lies that date back to 2007. As well as the Social Security Tribunal with my Appeal that is allowed to be unresolved in limbo.

So, with the help of a word processor, a thesaurus, and, many sleepless days and nights. I have put togeher – togehter together . Sorry I get letters mixed up, I was baqnged on the heaed. I have put together this letter.

I have mandatorily paid into CPP since the 1970's on the understanding that I would have something to fall back on if I could no longer work because of a disability. This understanding was clearly wrong.

CPP Disability Insurance is much like the auto insurance that we paid for, as it is riddled with unjust denials, delays, and unfair fraudulent behaviour. There is unaccountable adjudication. No supports are built into the process. Health and overall well-being are being jeopardized because of layers of complexity and a process designed to ensure failure. The current system is based on discriminatory and misguided assumptions. It is fundamentally flawed stemming from mistakes such as losing medical information, or simply just denying medical documentation exists. It is a prolonged drawn-out process.

Fair Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform has been an inspiration to me for they have published their findings of the insurance world schemes upon their website, and they advocate on behalf of the victims of insurance. Thank you to Fair for being there for the survivors and “supporting auto accident victims through advocacy and education”. Fair is a leading force for reform. They fight for justice not only for crash victims but for all Ontarians.  http://www.fairassociation.ca/

When I am able, and with the help of information I receive from sources like Fair Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform , I started blogging and Twittering about the Insurance world:

Canadian Insurance News, http://cinsurancenews.blogspot.ca

Social Security Tribunal Research Centre, http://sstrc.blogspot.ca/

I can only hope that my faxes, emails, blogs, web sites, and submissions to the government have not effected my appeal negatively.
Insert link here after they deny appeal.

At the time of this writing I have spent 7 years in the insurance world dictatorship of deceit and at this point don’t give a shit anymore about the process. A process that is designed for the applicant to fail. The bogus denial letters written by bias Service Canada wordhirlings that make their living at the expense of innocent victims.

I have learned how badly corrupt and backed up our justice system was during the FSCO backlog. How doctors that don't write their own reports will circumvent fee caps, and commit crimes to satisfy their employer, our insurer.

I have learned that our private health information is allowed to be carried around on laptops by pay-for-hire therapists. Our private health information is also loose and run a muck in the hands of the HCAI data base where our information can be gained by anonymous users.

I have learned how the insurance lobbyists work on twitter and how to expose them: Insurance Reform Investigation

I have learned that it's acceptable that an Insurer can dictate to a doctor how to treat a patient? This shouldn't be the case.

I have learned about the Ambulance chasers preying on the most vulnerable in our society- the injured crash victim. A private society that milks victims for as much as they can by overcharging made up fees and dragging things on and on for years so they can line their pockets with our money. An industry that preys on the weak, sick, and injured. Yeah I’m talking about the lawyers. The backroom deals. The slander. The ones that are letting it all go down.

I learned about the kickbacks from the drug cartel to the doctors and how the complaint process doesn't work at CPSO - the inmates run the prison. The self regulated insurance industry of the College of Physicians.

I’ve learned that crash victims have very little voice, and so many victims are loosing so much, because of bad decision makers making one-sided legislation and allowing this conduct to continue to legitimate victims of MVAs.

Now I’m learning how to advocate for the injured crash victims. Victims of their own insurance systems. I'm learning to expose all of this to the public -while being injured, and having no income. That's how I choose to spend my time. That's my job now. If I am pissing you off by my writing, then I'm getting something back, some satisfaction at the very least. I’ve been threatened with legal action more than once because of my inability to pay lip service. I was told by the Tribunal that if I can blog I can work. Is there such a job for me? Can I expose the insurance world and be paid on a while I can basis?

As you know I tried to go back to work ( on my own) but was unable to because of injures I sustained in the crash ( that was not my fault) in 2007. Luckily I have been supported by my spouse all this time, she supports our family with her part time job. She pays for my medication, something she should not have to do.

The thing that is missing in the latest media coverage on this subject is; what about the spouses of the insurance victims? What about them? What about the families of these 10,000 people? It becomes much more that 10,000 victims. Kids that couldn't afford to go to school, bankruptcy, dying while they wait for benefits. How does that effect society and how many families have been destroyed by this relentless one sided process?

In one year (2010/2011)  FSCO spent a total of $59 million of insurance dollars, while in the same time frame my case; “will take a year or more to get a hearing at FSCO”. Justice was delayed and lost to sign on the dotted line because we'll starve you out if you don't. Crash victim turned into insurance-justice-system-victim.

IBC profits are in the billions every year with $146 billion in total assets.

The Canada Pension Plan has assets over $180 billion and can't even meet my numerous requests for a copy of my file.

Any reasonable person would question where the money is really going if it's not going to the disabled victims. The insurance dictatorship world of deceit is an industry built on smoke and mirrors and our dollars. Pay-for-hire Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Wordhirlings, assessment mills, etc.  prey on innocent victims and make lots of money from our misfortune.

Where was my insurance when we needed it...? Where was my justice...? Where was my Government...? Where is the Social Security Tribunal and my appeal that Service Canada delayed and fraudulently denied for years and why are they still not sending my file to the Social Security Tribunal?

This delaying, denying, bullshit, has got to stop! Who will fix this before we are bankrupt and forced to rely on social assistance, or be forced to become a criminal and survive off rations from a cell?

For 36 years I have always paid my auto insurance, and on time.

Since the 1970's my employers and I have paid CPP payouts to the Government.

This money was not a gift!

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible with an update to the status of my appeal, to the ruling by Service Canada, about my claim for disability benefits, since 2008.

Because of a crash in 2007.

Surviving a Collision



Bearsworld Blog said...

update: http://t.co/gnwzSUbNWD 14,600 now waiting for a hearing

Surviving a Collision said...

8 years Victimized by the Insurance World now.

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