Sunday, May 10, 2015

Income Security Operations proceeding in your absence

According to recent emails from Income Security Operations (General Division) Social Security Tribunal of Canada: 

"Can you please send the Tribunal your updated mailing address?  We have attempted to mail you documents but they have been returned to our office as moved."
A previous email from them:

"Please include your full name (or full name of represented party) and appeal number (see Tribunal Number) on any future correspondence with the Tribunal. It is your responsibility to inform the Tribunal of any change in your contact information without delay. Failure to do so may have a detrimental impact on the appeal, as the Tribunal may be unable to reach you or send you any correspondence. Furthermore, the Tribunal may proceed in your absence. Please retain a copy of any information you send to the Tribunal."

  Is this how they are going to get rid of the 14500+ appeal backlog by "proceeding in your absence"?

Anyone who has an appeal at the Income Security Operations (General Division) Social Security Tribunal of Canada might want to think about getting in touch with them to verify their address.

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