Monday, November 25, 2013

Service Canada Disability Insurance delays denials and tactics

Dear Service Canada General inquiry office:

Thanks for finally responding to my need to send medical evidence to substantiate my claim for disability benefits that I have been kindly asking for since 2008!
My claim for benefits that Service Canada refused to fully investigate and have given bogus reasons for denials.

You remember, that was the one caused by a crash that was not my fault back in 2007.
And has left me with my disabilities. One of those disability’s that causes me to write letters about the broken insurance systems.

Letters that will probably bring an investigation into your office, offices of lawyers, and respected doctors that receive their funding from our misfortune and premiums.

An investigation as to where our money is going is on the table.

Who pays for Service Canada offices that are only open 1 time during the week?
Open for only an hour before lunch and an hour after lunch. Who works those hours?
Are you kidding me? And you don’t answer the phone. At all! Not for days so far that I have tried.
You don’t answer the fax. For days, I tried.
According to you it’s not your job. So. But....I mean...
Who pays to heat the building when no one is there?
Who pays for the lights and hydro, and the fax and phone? Who pays for you?
So, when I call a Service Canada office and know one picks up the phone, turns on the fax machine, looses my doctors report in the postal mail. I think your on strike or some things wrong.
Or maybe you’re just being difficult the way the claim process is purposely meant to be.

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Thank you for responding to my inquires regarding my application and would like to respond to your voice message letting me know; what’s not your job.

Herein are my general enquires to you:

(1) Is the Service Canada office on Upper James St in Hamilton open?

(2) Again, can you supply me with a contact so I can send even more doctors reports to further substantiate my claim for benefits? A phone number/ fax number would be appreciated for someone in the Disability claims office.
We live in rural Ontario and the Service Canada office is some distance away and not easy for me navigate just to see if it is open, or still exists. Since I have no funds because of your unjust denials and from being injured in a crash it is imperative that you can at the very least provide me with some information. You are the General enquiry office for Disability Insurance.

Please forward this fax letter to whom ever is going to deny my Application for disability benefits next working out of your protective custody office in Chatham.

Looking forward to hearing from as soon as possible in this regard. Thank you.

Mr. xxxx xxxxxx

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Anonymous said...

so what has become of this, did they contact you?

fellow disability claimant

Bearsworld Blog said...

January 15, 2014 received letter denying disability benefits for bogus reasons.

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