Saturday, April 5, 2014

Open letter Social Security Tribunal by Disability Claimant of 6 years

March 30, 2014

Open letter Social Security Tribunal by Disability Claimant of 6 years

Social Security Tribunal
PO Box 9812 C.P. 9812 / Station T CSC Station T, SPC
Ottawa ON K1G6S3

Re: CPP Disability application
January 15, 2014 Client Identification Number- W -CHAxxxxxxxx
February 5, 2014 Client Identification Number- C HAxxxxxxxx
Tribunal Number: GP -xxxxxx

Dear Social Security Tribunal:

This correspondence has three parts.

Part # 1

Please accept your copy of my attached Submission to the Ontario Auto Insurance Three-Year Review by Canadian Insurance News March 29, 2014, as it relates to my Disability claim.

Part #2

Social Security Tribunal has my 2 completed Appeals on file. They are the following:

(A) – Decision to deny CPP Disability claim W-CHA xxxxxxxx dated January 15, 2014.
Appeal sent via Facsimile February 27, 2014

(B) – Decision to deny CPP Disability claim CHA xxxxxxx dated February 5, 2014.
Appeal sent via Facsimile March 4, 2014.

The Social Security Tribunal has not acknowledged both of my appeals. Appeal (B) that is referenced above has not be acknowledged. You recall that was the appeal that you are making me file just so you can look at medical documentation that you claim you received late but my phone recordings proved that you did not receive it when you claim to have in the Service Canada denial letter dated February 5, 2014. The Phone recordings can be found at the web address below along with some of my letters to Service Canada:

Please acknowledged my appeal. Do you want me to send the appeal again?

Part #3

The Social Security Tribunal has not responded to my Open letter of March 20, 2014 that was sent to them via Facsimile March 20, 2014. The letter is now on the websites below for viewing.

Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard as soon as possible. You should know by now that I will not be ignored from you the same way Service Canada has done.
The more you ignore me, the louder I will get.

Please acknowledged receipt of this correspondence. Thank you.

Mr. xxxxxx
injured crash victim since 2007, CPP Disability Applicant since 2008.

Canadian Insurance News

Surviving a Collision

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