Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Social Security Tribunal - Unsecured Submission rules.

The Social Security Tribunal system revelled itself with a phone message from “Paul”.
Paul called to confirm receipt of my faxes -apparently they were receiving hundreds of blank pages and were concerned.

To help Paul I gave them my email address so I could send them my Open PGP secure email submissions instead of fax. Unfortunately that process did not work out well.
An email from David Burnside from the Social Security Tribunal said their firewall was preventing my submissions and they are not setup to accept submissions by secure email. They will also not accept documents from password protected cloud document share resources -for example Google Docs.
They will however accept unsecured email and unsecured attachments.

The process of sending documents to the Social Security Tribunal has many flaws ( file size limits, unsecured) and makes it unreasonably hard for a crash victim trying to submit documents relating to a Disability Benefits appeal. Knowone should be made to send personal medical information unsecured. This experience has educated me in the lack of security for sending personal medical information to the Social Security Tribunal. They should accept signed open PGP secure email, or make other arrangements to send and receive personal information securely. To be clear, the problem with my email submissions is on their end, not mine, ALL rules should be given to an appeal applicant upfront.

It would have made my appeal so much easier for everyone if the Social Security Tribunal acquired my insurance-legal-medical information directly from the sources ( Doctors, Lawyers, HCAI, hospitals, etc.) How do they expect a crash victim out of work since 2007 to acquire 600 confidential insurance-legal-medical pages from different sources free of charge?

It is nice to finally have an actual persons name from the Tribunal. My confidential insurance-legal-medical submissions were flowing uninterrupted by fax. Now that the Tribunal has these documents they need to confirm them. I have asked repeatedly for confirmation but to date have not received any.

I sent the contents of Canadian Insurance News to the Social Security Tribunal as it relates to comments made by Service Canada in their denial letter about me not doing “some kind of work”. The contents of the site shows that I do in fact “some kind of work” when I can.
The email contents of the site prompted a URGENT email response and telephone message from David Burnside from the Social Security Tribunal. Apparently he has restrictions as to what he can write in an email it would be considered protected B material. Seems so wrong that he can accept unsecured email from me but he has restrictions and cant provide me with confirmation of what medical documents I have sent him.

The David Burnside email was marked URGENT so I called him at the number in his email footer and was told by the Social Security Tribunal that I could ask for a direct number from David. I emailed David but he said he does not have a direct line to supply. Another example of confusion on their end.

Confirmation was an issue with my medical submissions with Service Canada and is now again with the Social Security Tribunal. When ever, or if ever, they finally confirm what they have received from me they still need to read my submissions. Given the history of my claim for CPP Disability Benefits being so blatantly ignored by Service Canada and passed on to the Tribunal , I seriously doubt they will even take the time.

At this writing David Burnside from the Social Security Tribunal asked for a phone number. I explained to him that unfortunately I do not have a phone, I do not have a cell phone, I do not have any income, I do not have a job, I have not worked since 2007. I am being financially supported by my common law spouse. She supports the 3 of us with her part time job.

If the Social Security Tribunal wants me to get a phone maybe they should grant my Appeal so that I can get one with my disability benefits that I am clearly entitled to.

The alternative is to simply give me a number to talk to someone. Come on Social Security Tribunal even Walmart has customer service!

Crash victim 2007, CPP Disability applicant since 2008.

Surviving a Collision,

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