Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Social Security Tribunal OUT OF SERVICE Backlog

The rush to relieve the backlog of thousands is on at the Social Security Tribunal of Canada.

Minister Jason Kenny said the backlog of thousands would be gone by this summer.

The New Minister Pierre Poilievre Responsible for taking care of the backlog (that this blogger has contacted, but had no response from) has not gotten rid of the backlog of Appeals.

Someone called. We could not make it out. Someone called again, it was the Social Security Tribunal of Canada, her message said “if your matter has already been completed then you can disregard this call” “otherwise you can call us” and left an OUT OF SERVICE NUMBER 1-877-277-8577.

I emailed the Social Security Tribunal and was informed that I had been given the wrong number by them and it should have been 1-877-227-8577.

To make matters worse the email he replied back to me with quoted someone else s case number! Not mine!

Am I in the twilight zone?

I was a MVA victim in 2007 after a fatal 3 car crash. My application for CPP Disability Benefits was launched in 2008. I still have not received a complete copy of my file, and a lot of what they have sent me so far, is unreadable to any human. At least they didn't leave my medical-legal file on a bench in front of our house unattended this time.

The latest opinion from xxxx the Medical Adjudicator at Service Canada in August was that I have not established a Disability that is “Severe and Prolonged”.The (hired gun) Adjudicator out of the Chatham office goes on to say that I did not provide any medical documentation to support my Disability. 

They have however acknowledged receipt of my 105 page fax to them with the case file number GD37-1. The fax included the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Mediation Brief that included medical documentation to support a finding of a “severe disability”. 

My submitted Doctors findings should not be taken lightly as they come from respectable sources. 

One submission in the Brief is from a Doctor with a 25 year career in the hospital sector focusing on neurological disorders, schizophrenia, and pediatric brain injury and pediatric oncology including consultation to the hospital MS Clinic an acute psychotic disorders clinic. He has a long career in psychological research and scientific publication and presentation. He has published in the areas of chronic insomnia, neurohorrnoes in schizuphrenia, metabolic brain imaging in schizophrenia (positron emission tomography), and neuropsychology of schizophrenia. He carries out psychological asssessment and treatment, supervises clinicians, and carries out psycho legal and multidisiplinary-legal assessments and testifies at Arbitrations and Court. He was the Director of the Hamilton Medical-Legal Society and past President. He has been co-chairman of the Ontario Psychological Association Task Force on Auto Insurance. He was appointed by the Minister of Finance to the Accident Benefits Advisory Committee for Bill 164. He was appointed by the Minister of Finance to be a member of the Ministers Committee on the Designated Assessment Center System for Bill 59 and held the position for a year. He was appointed to the Expert Panel reviewing the Catastrophic Impairment SABS. He was a founding member of the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment (CAPDA). He received the Karl Heiser Presidential Award from the American Psychological Association and the Ontario Psychological Association Award for his advocacy efforts on behalf of professional psychology. He received the OPA Lifetime Achievment Award. 

Other medical-legal documentation provided to the Social Security Tribunal was from a doctor whos is a registered psychologist with areas of competence in rehabilitation and clinical psychology. He is a partner at a psychology clinic and assessment centre. His doctoral degree is in Clinical Psychology, with a minor in Health Psychology. He has a post graduate diploma program (DESS) through the University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine in Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise. He has a Master of Science in Community Counselling with specialized training in vocational assessment and counselling. His doctoral training included assessment, diagnosis and treatment of severe mental and behaviour disorders in private and public psychiatric inpatient hospital settings, as well as sheltered workshops. He has also performed disability assessments for patients with severe mental disorders applying for Social Security Disability. As a clinical psychologist, he worked in several chronic care facilities, assessing, diagnosing and treating patients with severe psychological disorders, including psychotic and severe mood disorders. Upon immigrating to Canada he has re specialized in rehabilitation psychology. He since has performed hundreds of psychological disability assessments in relation to M.V.A, WSIB, and other personal injury contexts. He was on the FSCO roster for Post 104 and Catastrophic disability assessors, and has performed hundreds of Catastrophic, Post-I 04 disability and psycho-vocational assessments. He has published scholarly works with respect to catastrophic impairment, and created educational modules addressing catastrophic impairment evaluation for psychological disability assessors. disability and psycho-vocational assessments. He delivered the 2010 Keynote Address to the British Psychological Societys Division of Counselling Psychology on the intersection of psychological assessment and the law. He has also edited two books on the application of humanistic theory to psychological treatment and has also published book chapters and articles in this area. He was the President of the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment (CAPDA). He has been accepted as an expert witness in Ontario courts. GD37-52

Their medical documentation in the Brief supports a finding of a “chronic pain” , “severe disability” , “severe depression” , “PTSD” , “suffers permanent and serious impairment” , I am “neither exaggerating nor feigning” , “tends to minimize his complaints” , “suffers a complete inability to engage in any employment for which he is reasonably suited by education, training or experience”, “is at a competitive disadvantage in the workforce”. GD37-33 / GD37-34 / GD37-35 / GD37-37 /GD37-38

Also included was a Chronic Pain Assessment from yet another doctor that states: “his neck disability” , “suffered a significant functional, financial and emotional loss” , “suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease in his Cervical Spine, as well as debilitating Myofascial pain syndromes in his cervical spine.” , “severe disability”, and “complete disability” , “WADS III of the neck”. GD37 – 105 / GD37-23 / GD37-25 / GD37-105.

Also included in the Brief was yet another doctor report that states: “completely disabled from any occupation to which he is suited by way of his education, training or experience.” GD37-43

Another Doctors report included in the Brief states: Overall, I am “not employable”. GD37-32.

Rather that go long winded in this post I submit that I have provided enough medical documentation to establish my disability just from the above doctors. You have the other reports and blog postings I will not duplicate them here.

Today I finally received a date for my Appeal Hearing. The date on the notice was 39 days ago. The notice says that my hearing is not going to be until 2016, next year!

In this effort to get rid of the backlog of thousands how many are getting run over. What happened to the pledge to wipe out the backlog by this past summer? How many Appellants are still backlogged at the Social Security Tribunal of Canada?

If my Medical-legal experts are good enough for the Ontario Superior Court, a mediator, numerous doctors and lawyers, and 4 insurance companies they should be good enough for Service Canada and the Social Security Tribunal. I hope that the Tribunal Member that decides my appeal takes into account my medical-legal evidence submitted here in from real Medical experts, that write the rules, and not Service Canada employees with an agenda.

name removed
CPP Disability Applicant since 2008,
MVA-Insurance-Victim since 2007.

Thank you to all those who help me with my writing and blogging and to those who follow my blog. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with astigmatism and cataracts in my eyes recently. Advocating for MVA victims will have to be less frequent. Seeing (reading and writing) has now been added to my list of Medical problems.


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