Monday, August 3, 2015

Social Security Tribunal Appellant Substantiated by the Facts

In my years living with my injuries I have found the following relevant information to my Application for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits. And relevant to my own understanding of my injuries.

I kindly ask that the Member of the Social Security Tribunal assigned my case seriously consider the following:

In the crash, my cervical spine was over-expanded. But the whip stroke did not happened in the exact nodding axis of the head.

If you collide with an obstacle e.g. by car in a rather lateral way, or if cars collide on a crossing, then it is absolutely possible that the whip stroke is triggered a little displaced from the normal nodding axis and that it includes a kind of head shaking.

So it is indeed possible that twists also occur in the cervical spine. And not only this: We know from the cervical spines anatomy that the cervical spine has a network of ligaments and arteries. There is a joint connection (head joint) between the Atlas (C1) and the Axis (C2). This is the most flexible, but also the most unstable part of the spinal column. The Dens is a kind of buttress and prevents the head from over-flexion. All other movements like head shaking, nodding, turning the head etc. are secured by the ligaments and capsules.

In my injury there was a violent and not consciously controllable over-flexion of my head that had occurred. That way it was possible that my head joint consisting of Atlas and Axis was opened more than its anatomical limits allow.

Add the fact that the impact was at a hi rate of speed.

Add to that my head was inside the steering wheel at the time of impact and airbag detonation in a lateral way to my head.

Add to that the fact that the vehicle I was driving rolled 8 times.

Add to that the vehicle then hit a tree laterally.

Add to that the vehicle hit the tree upside/down.

The 3 vehicles involved were all completely right offs and one person died.

Its fair to say the injuries regarding my neck, shoulder, head, spine, and nerves are substantiated by the facts.

Its also fair to say my general well being for the past 8 years has been harmed because of broken insurance, justice, and health care systems, that are suppose to be there when we need them.

All the things that people only think they have.

I kindly ask that the Social Security Tribunal not reject the obvious science. Without the scientific method its just a set of opinions. By shaving, eliminating, and ignoring the facts that don’t quite fit, the continued hypothesis will consciously approach fraud.

Looking forward to hearing from the Social Security Tribunal in this regard.

Thank you.

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