Monday, July 27, 2015

Social Security Tribunal appeal stacked against claimant

 Via Facsimile 1-855-814-4117 Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Dear Social Security Tribunal:

I acknowledge receipt of a letter by xxx -IS Operations Manager, General Division Dated July 16, 2015 informing me that your are now “ready to proceed” with my Appeal.

I do not understand how you can be ready to proceed without fulfilling your obligation to provide me a copy of my previously requested file. 

Until I am able to receive a complete copy of my file I am unable to proceed in defending myself and presenting the facts.

As you know my file represents the how, when, and why I have an appeal with you, and is the record of events for any future actions against the Social Security Tribunal in the event of the continuation of these unjust denials. Its all relevant. I wish to discuss with the Member assigned my file all relevant information regarding my file and my Appeal. So again, I kindly ask for an updated copy of my file.

Even if I am unsuccessful in my Appeal I still require everything that I sent to the Tribunal to be part of the record as it confirms and demonstrates the facts of my long journey through this preconceived nightmare designed to deny, humiliate and thoroughly frustrate legitimate victims that have already been threw enough interrogations from their insurance companies hired guns and wordhirelings. All orchestrated by the IBC and bad politicians that pray on the week, sick, and injured, for profit. 

Doctors that don't stand up for legitimately injured patients are most to blame in this charade of politics and money makers. My 7 year Appeal process is just another example of an upside down world where the money doesn’t go to where its suppose to. Bad Doctors that don't properly investigate are at the core of the backlog problems at F.S.C.O, our courts, and the Social Security Tribunal of Canada.

As Service Canada has used my blogging (about them) as an excuse not to pay my disability benefits attached you will find my latest blog entry advocating for the thousands of people waiting at your Tribunal because of bad decisions by disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional Service Canada employees.

As you know my faxes to you and my blog still asks for the Chairperson of the Social Security Tribunal xxx to answers numerous, unanswered, questions.
I have no acknowledgement that the Chair is getting my correspondences. Is she receiving anything? Should I resend?

Also, will I be permitted to audio/video record my appeal hearing?

Finally, attached you will find my completed “Hearing Information Form”. You will notice that I have not answered the witness question at this time. What are the rules for witnesses?
I submit that anyone that has correspondences, investigations, or relevant knowledge of this appeal makes them a witness to this Appeal. Furthermore, is there a limit to the number of witnesses?

With my injuries, no consumer protection, no consultation or mind reading skills I continue to have difficult understanding why this process is designed so difficult for a legitimately injured person. You should all be ashamed.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible in this regard.

Thanks to all those who help me write my letters and blog postings since 2007.

Cc: undisclosed

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